In collaboration with Turner Interiors, Lafayette Metal & Glass completed the interior package at The Olympic Tower located at 645 Fifth Avenue. This building is one of New York’s top service luxury buildings, and a premier Midtown office destination with renovations that were designed to enhance experience, engage culture and create community.¬† The project included exterior engraved and concrete infilled signage, architectural grilles and angles, both round and square column cladding and trims along with metal wall base were installed. The etched glass atrium walls along with their trims were completed as well as the metal work at the security desk. Brushed satin finish stainless steel was added as a base to the wooden benches, portal trims at various art, landscape and bench walls were added and elevator portals were also completed. Glass guard rails and metal railings were fabricated into floor mounted handrails with a single top continuous rail creating a seamless look.